Four Ways to Take Charge of Your Mood

Four Ways to Take Charge of Your Mood

Your predominant moods establish the tone of your life. If your moods are predominantly content, happy, or any other positive moods, chance is you will say that you are having a great life. But if your moods are predominantly negative, well… You get the picture. 

There are actually four ways for moods to happen – without your knowing, if something happens, whether it is good or bad, and because you choose to do take control of your mood and change it deliberately. 

Waking up early in the morning, what mood are you in? Do you often notice you mood? Does your awareness thoughts like, “Oh no, it’s already time for me to get up!”  Or “oh no, I really forgot to… “. These will really get you on a mood, right? 

If you start the day with an ‘Uh oh’ or ‘oh no’, the bad or sour mood that it creates can actually have a strong negative effect on your entire day as well as on your entire well being. If you do not intervene with this, you have just decided that other things will go wrong and feel wrong and it can also create stress all through your day. 

So, how will you ever take control your moods and be a happier person? 

Catch yourself from the act: Most people have this thinking habit that puts them in the bad mood. Worrying, regretting, and self criticism are one of these thoughts. If you see yourself doing this negative thought habit, STOP. Don’t always beat yourself for some simple things that you’ve done for the day. You might consider telling yourself that you are not supposed to waste your time blaming yourself for simple things, instead think of something much better. Remember, anything will progress if you continue to indulge yourself to negative thoughts. 

Focus on the positive thoughts: You can actually create positive thinking habits – create a discipline of thinking only positive thoughts. Why not make your own gratitude journal and write the things that you are thankful for. Get that habit of appreciating and acknowledging people and things around you. Vision you positive future. The time spent for thinking positive thoughts is a time well-spent.

Changing your language is also helpful: Your word, spoken out loud or to yourself or in your own thoughts, actually have great influence and power on your mood. Phrases such as ‘I can’t….’ can affect your mood. Replace this with ‘I can… ‘Or even ‘I choose to…’ and you will notice a difference on how you feel.

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To take charge of your mood and learn to become more optimistic, be even happier, and thus live a much happier and better life that you want for yourself.