CitruSlim contains a proprietary blend of Bergamonte - a full spectrum Italian Citrus Bergamonte Polyphenolic extract and Adapticort Tongkat Ali extract wild harvested from the rainforest of Malaysia.

Bergamonte supports optimal cholesterol health, helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels, activates AMPK activity, and helps support normal levels of hunger hormones that control appetite and satiety. *

Adapticort promotes a healthy cortisol response to daily stress, promotes vitality & encourages healthy mood.*

Benefits of Citrus Slim

• Modulates hunger hormones responsible for hunger & satiety*

• Maintains healthy cardiovascular function*

• Support healthy weight management & metabolic wellness*

• Balances cortisol response to stress*

CitruSlim, Bergamonte, Adapticor, are registered trademark of HP Ingredients Corp.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 to 2 capsules of CtiruSlim 3 times daily before each meal.