CitruSlim® Supports Stress and Hunger Hormones, Control Cravings for a Successful Weight Loss

CitruSlim® is designed to be more than just a weight management supplement; it's a holistic solution that supports not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being. By targeting stress and hunger hormones, it helps regulate your body's response to cravings, which is essential for successful and sustainable weight loss.


Synergistic Ingredients for Health and Weight Management

CitruSlim® is a unique dietary supplement crafted with precision, harnessing the potent benefits of a proprietary blend that includes Bergamonte, a full-spectrum Italian Citrus Bergamonte Polyphenolic extract, and Adapticort Tongkat Ali extract.

These carefully selected ingredients work in synergy to promote healthy weight management, overall well-being and support various aspects of your health.



Bergamonte contributes its rich polyphenolic content, known for its potential antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits.



Adapticort® Tongkat Ali encourages hormonal balance & maintaining already-healthy levels of the stress hormone cortisol



CitruSlim® Offers a Range of Benefit

CitruSlim® Promotes Healthy Weight Management


This innovative nutritional supplement is formulated to help you look great, feel great.* CitruSlim® helps promote positive mood state and vitality by modulating cortisol (stress hormone), prevent emotional stress eating, reduce hunger hormone, control appetites, curb overeating, and help stop the “yo-yo” diet effect.


CitruSlim® Facilitating Fat Burning

Supporting the burning of stored fat is a crucial component of CitruSlim®'s effectiveness. Its unique formulation is designed to enhance the body's ability to tap into those stored fat reserves, providing you with an extra source of energy while aiding in weight management. 

Grab a bottle - or more - to help you can achieve your weight management goals and maintain them.