ParActin® Joint - The Master Switch of Inflammation

ParActin® Joint delivers compounds that help inhibits NF kappa B (the master switch of Inflammation), thereby naturally reduces proinflammatory cytokines and proteins to powerfully support joint health, nurture healthy joint cartilage, and support muscle health*.

ParActin® Joint is more than just a joint supplement; it's a comprehensive solution designed to address the root causes of joint discomfort. By containing compounds that inhibit NF kappa B, known as the master switch of inflammation, it helps to naturally reduce proinflammatory cytokines and proteins, resulting in powerful support for joint health. In addition to promoting healthy joints and cartilage, ParActin® Joint extends its benefits to support overall muscle health, providing a holistic approach to your well-being.

ParActin® is suitable for dietary supplements that support the following condition-specific areas:

  • Joint Health
  • Healthy Bones
  • Healthy Cartilage
  • Sports Recovery/Muscle Function
  • Healthy Inflammatory Response
  • Overall Immune Function

Based on two human studies with ParActin® Joint,  subjects rated their joint health & physical function, improved within 7 days, and continued to improve throughout the duration of the studies*. 

Clinically Proven Health Benefits 


ParActin® is a safe, unique, standardized, patented, rigorously science-proven, proprietary nutraceutical. The anti-inflammatory benefits of ParActin® come from the standardized herbal extract, Andrographis paniculata which is sustainably harvested in India, China and Southeastern Asia.

“The scientific community is now recognizing decades of our research and development showing that ParActin® with its andrographolides have great potential to be the next new class of anti-inflammatory agents”.

Annie Eng, Founder & CEO


Staying Active is Important to Your Health and Longevity 

Maintaining an active lifestyle is paramount for your overall health and can significantly contribute to a longer and more fulfilling life. Regular physical activity not only keeps your body in good shape but also promotes mental well-being, helping you achieve a healthier, happier, and more vibrant existence.

Grab a bottle - or more - to harness the incredible power of Andrographis paniculata to help improve joint comfort in just 7 days, so you can keep doing all your favorite activities.*

Take ParActin® Joint as a drug-free way to help improve joint comfort in just 7 days, so you can keep doing all your favorite activities.*

ParActin® is a registered trademark of HP Ingredients Corporation.

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