Optimize your immune resistance to seasonal assaults, and breathe easier.  Empowered immunity with these with 4 powerful botanicals to embolden your life.


    Immune Protect is a comprehensive arsenal of immune-supportive powerful herbs, helping the body to activate your immune system’s primary defenders, encourage macrophages and natural killer cell function, and help supports seasonal immune health.

    Immune Protect is an all-organic blend of Organic AstraCare™ Astragalus extract, Organic EchiMune™ Echinacea extract, Organic ElderberryCare™, and Organic ParActin® patented Andrographis extract that have been clinically studied to support a healthy immune response, encourage timely immune cell response, help defend the body in the face of cold-weather challenges, and fortify your immune system to empower good health through all seasons.*

    Immune Protect with ParActin® Benefits

    Organic Blend of Four Powerful Ingredients to Help Embolden Your Life

    • Organic ParActin® Andrographis Extract
    • Organic AstraCare™ Astragalus (50% Polysacharides)
    • Organic Echimune™ Echinacea (12% Polyphenols)
    • Organic ElderberyCare™ Elderberry (10% Anthocyanins)

    Our best-in-class immune system support formula goes way beyond vitamin C with Organic standardized extract of Andrographis, Astragalus, Elderberry, and Echicanea to support immune cell health, response and ratio.


    Immune Protects Patented Blend Helps To

      Andrographolide, the active compounds in the patented ParActin® Andrographis paniculata extract, is a phytochemical that exerts powerful immune-support effects on the human body.  The formula’s patented blend helps support the body’s inflammatory response, helps relieve minor pain discomfort, inhibits ACE-2, and provide comprehensive support for aging immune system.* 



        Add Immune Protect with ParActin® to your dietary health regimen. An herbal essential for home, travel, the office, or whenever immune support is needed so you can stay feeling your best.*  

        Grab a bottle - or more - to harness the incredible of  immune-supportive powerful herbsand supercharge your health!