Successful Shape Shifting for 2024

Successful Shape Shifting for 2024

In only a scant few days, New Year’s Day will burst in, bringing with it the shiny new first day of following your resolution. Improving physical health was the most popular resolution for 2023 followed by exercising more, and eating healthier. Interestingly, by February, only 22% of respondents were still following their resolutions. 

Typically, resolutions are discarded and abandoned in or before February as most people tend to fully dive in without doing due diligence and with the all-or-nothing mindset – instead of researching how following a pathway of achieving small, attainable goals can lead to successful long-term change.

At NHR Science, we have two supplements that can facilitate consumers’ ability to achieve those weight loss/fitness goals. By supporting the balance of hunger/satiety hormones to allow for reductions of calories consumed, Bergamonte® is an excellent tool for supporting weight loss. When combined with a new (or renewed) fitness regimen, LJ100® can improve workouts and thus help the person attain more desirable BMI through muscle strength and tone. 

One of the challenges to achieving steady, healthy weight loss is controlling one’s appetite because the less one eats, the more weight one loses. This is the crux of weight loss. Appetite is largely regulated by ghrelin (the feed me hormone), and leptin (the nah, I’m not hungry, or satiety hormone). Ideally, ghrelin wins when the body needs incoming energy and nutrients, and leptin kicks in after a reasonable amount of food is consumed (no overeating). 

CitruSlim®, a unique blend of signature ingredients Bergamonte® Bergamot and Adapticort® Eurycoma longifolia can make an effective solution to help manage weight. In a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study, supplementation with Bergamonte® (a key ingredient in CitruSlim®) significantly reduced ghrelin by 6.89% and 14.90% and reduced leptin by 12.30% and 21.36% after consuming 650mg or 1300mg of Bergamonte® extract respectively, for 12 weeks.

Further, Bergamonte® in CitruSlim was shown to increase adiponectin from 18.65% to 21.76%; adiponectin helps promote quicker weight loss by raising metabolic rate; and also preventing fat accumulation by activating glucose availability for energy production.

In tandem, Adapticort® in CitruSlim reduces output of cortisol, the stress hormone that is often considered the belly fat hormone. In one study for 64 participants with moderate stress, those who consumed 200 mg Adapticort daily showed significantly improved anabolic balance: 16% reduced cortisol and 37% increased testosterone. This ratio also promotes thermogenesis with a bonus of improving mood state. This study essentially demonstrates that Adapticort® reduces stress eating that gets in the way of weight loss.

Speaking of Adapticort® Tongkat Ali, one placebo-controlled study investigated the effect of the 100 mg of LJ100 supplementation daily on body composition as well as muscle strength and size in 14 healthy men. The volunteers performed an intense strength-training program for five weeks. Results indicated that LJ100 increased fat free mass, reduced body fat, increased muscle strength and size and thus may have an ergogenic effect.

Results of a 2021 CitruSlim® study suggest it can be incorporated into an easy weight loss and lifestyle program. Participants supplementing with CitruSlim exhibited reduced cortisol levels compared to baseline (high cortisol is directly responsible for stress, intense appetite, and weight gain), and they reported better long-term adherence than other diet and weight loss programs, which eventually leads to healthy body fat and weight loss. A healthy diet regimen and aerobic and resistance exercise in conjunction with a daily CitruSlim® supplement helps to maintain anabolic state that prevents dieters from binge eating and feeling fatigue, or depressed. The increase in energy and improved mood may contribute to the low attrition rate for the CitruSlim® group in the study. The CitruSlim® group also lost significantly more body fat and weight loss compared to the placebo group. Read the CitruSlim study here.

These are only a few of the many studies we have on both ingredients. For more information, please visit

All of us at NHR Science wish you and your families a robustly healthy and abundant new year! We look forward to conversing with you in 2024 and creating successful natural health products together.